Our Story

Spectral Response LLC is an electronic product solutions business providing a broad range of electronics designs, manufacturing and product management services.

We specialize in top-quality EMS [Electronic Manufacturing Services] with strong engineering support (DFM [Design for Manufacture], DFT [Design for Test]), flexible supply chain, quality process controls, customized program management and a lean manufacturing culture.

People First

Started in 1987, we’ve grown into an industry leader based upon a strong foundation of integrity and loyalty – and by following a ‘people first’ philosophy. In 2002 we became an employee-owned company by enacting an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), giving our employees an even greater vested interest in making the company successful by taking very good care of our clients.

Low Turnover

By putting people first, both our employees and our clients tend to stay with us. Sixty percent of our employees have more than five years of service with the company, and thirty percent have been with us for over ten years. Among our many long-term clients, some have been with us since the first year we opened for business.

Pathway to Success

Spectral Response has grown steadily over the years, and our revenue today places us in the top 100 contract manufacturers in the world. Our strong working relationships between employees, clients and suppliers has gained us both regional and national recognition, including a cover article by Managing Automation and being recognized as Georgia’s Manufacturer of the Year.

Our work may be complex, but our commitment to people is simple – and it is definitely the secret to our success.