Our diverse engineering team offers an extremely high level of expertise in the key electronic manufacturing, testing and engineering disciplines. We are able to support all your engineering needs from initial product concept all the way to production.

Valor™ Is A Key Tool

Valor is an end-to-end DFM/DFT solution for PCBA manufacturing, encompassing all phases from NPI [New Product Introduction] to assembly and test.

  • Validates manufacturer’s part numbers
  • Compares component dimensions and footprints to the component patterns on the board; flags any mismatches
  • Identifies potential placement or soldering defects
  • Single platform for which all machine programming can be generated and maintained
  • “Builds” a virtual prototype PCA [Principal Component Analysis] on a computer, before we commit the product to the line
  • Provides valuable feedback which prevents unnecessary re-spins
  • Creates dedicated custom test stations


  • Automated BOM [Bill of Materials] validation and integration, beginning at the Quote phase
  • AVL [Approved Vendor List] validation and maintenance
  • Participate in customer’s design review process
  • DFM [Design for Manufacture] and DFT [Design for Test] analysis
  • Bare PCB [Printed Circuit Board] Manufacturability Analysis
  • Unique NPI Processes

Test Development and Services

  • Built-in self tests
  • Flying probe
  • In-circuit (Genrad, HP)
  • Functional
  • ESS [Environmental Stress Screening]
  • AOI [Automated Optical Inspection]
  • X-ray Laminography (5DX available)
  • Dedicated custom test stations
  • Boundary Scan
  • RF System Tests

Engineering Production Services

  • Part substitution (component engineering)
  • Internal test development and refinement
  • Dedicated Engineering interface
  • Full X-Ray and board rework capabilities
  • Supplier interface for component failures
  • Full process development and executions
  • Burn-in and temperature cycling
  • Design Engineering