Other Industries

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When a mission critical device fails out in the field it can cause dire consequences for timelines, productivity and safety. Spectral understands the importance of creating robust build solutions for adverse conditions. You can rely on our manufacturing and testing resources to give your product the reliability you need.

Process Automation /
Heavy Industry

  • Mining Safety Products
  • Industrial Process Automation
  • Turnkey Box Build
  • Harsh Environment Engineering Products

Audio / Video Switching and Networking

  • Broadcast Level Audio / Video
  • DVR Video Processing Boards
  • HD Video Encoder / Decoder
  • IPTV [Internet Protocol Television] Encoder
  • MPEG Video Encoder / Decoder
  • HDMI Systems

Gaming / Casinos

  • Lighting and Graphic Display Controllers

Storm Detection

  • Lightning Detection Systems

Law Enforcement Interactive Training Systems

  • Military Police Training
  • Civilian Police Training
  • Corporate Security Training

Retail POS Front Line Systems

  • Retail Price Tag Controller
  • Self Check Out